Associate Professor

Conservation Biology, Biodiversity


BSc: Biology, Beijing Normal University, 2002

PhD: Ecology, Beijing Normal University, 2011


Research Interests

I am interested in ecological research and conservation issue with multi-scales in endangered species, especially felid species such as tigers, leopards. I started my career on big cats with a pioneering field research on Indochinese tiger in China in 2005, and then expanded to Amur tiger, Amur leopard and North China leopard. Our research group launched the project of Tiger-Leopard Observation Network in China (TLON) to provide the nation-wide monitoring network and long-term research platform for the conservation of the two big cats in China. Our research group has convinced the Chinese central government to create a 15,000-square kilometer Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park. My research will address: 1) population ecology, behaviour ecology in big cats and mammal species; 2) food web in the ecosystem with the apex carnivore ; 3) phylogeny on endanger species; 4) to develop the advanced technique on biodiversity monitoring, such as immobilization and collar, 4G based real-time transfer camera trapping, Integrated “Space-Air-Ground” IOT monitoring system for biodiversity and nature resource etc


Selected Publications

♦ Research Articles

1. Zhao G.#, Yang H.#, Xie B., Gong Y., Ge J., Feng L.* (2020). Spatio-temporal coexistence of sympatric mesocarnivores with a single apex carnivore in a fine-scale landscape. Global Ecology and Conservation. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gecco.2019.e00897. 

2. Yang H., Han S., Xie B., Mou P., Kou X., Wang T., Ge J., Feng L.* (2019).Do prey availability, human disturbance and habitat structure drive the daily activity patterns of Amur tigers (Panthera tigris altaica)? Journal of Zoology 307 :131–140.

3. Vitkalova A.V.#Feng LM.#, Rybin A.N., Gerber B.D., Miquelle D.G., Wang TM., Yang HT., Shevtsova E.I., Aramile V.V.,Ge JP*. (2018). Transboundary cooperation improves endangered species monitoring and conservation actions: A case study of the global population of Amur leopards. Conservation Letters, e12574.https://doi.org/10.1111/conl.12574.

4. Yang HT., Dou HL., Baniya R.K., Han SY., Guan Y., Xie B., Zhao GJ., Wang TM., Mou P., Feng LM*., Ge JP. (2018). Seasonal food habits and prey selection of Amur tigers and Amur leopards in Northeast China. Scientific Reports, 8:6930 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-25275-1.

5. Yang HT., Zhao XD.,, Han BY., Wang TM., Mou P., Ge JP. , Feng LM*. (2018). Spatiotemporal patterns of Amur leopards in northeast China: Influence of tigers, prey, and humans. Mammlian Biology. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mambio.2018.03.009.

6. Feng LM., Shevtsova E.I., Vitkalova A.V., Matyukhina D., Miquelle D.G., Aramile V.V., Wang TM., Mu P., Xu RM. Ge JP*. (2017). Collaboration brings hope for the last Amur leopards. Cat News, 65: 32.

7. Wang TM., Feng LM.*, Yang HT., Han BY., Zhao YH., Juan L., Lu XY., Zou Liang., Li T., Xiao WH., Mou P., Smith J.L.D., Ge JP. (2017). A science-based approach to guide Amur leopard recovery in China. Biological Conservation, 210:47-55.

8. Wang, TM.#Feng, LM.#, Mou, P., Wu, JG., Smith, J.L.D., Xiao, WH., Yang, HT., Dou, HL., Zhao, XD., Cheng, YC., Zhou, B., Wu, HY., Zhang, L., Tian, Y., Guo, QX., Kou, XJ., Han, XM., Miquelle, DG., Oliver, CD., Xu, RM., Ge, JP*. (2016). Amur tigers and leopards returning to China: direct evidence and a landscape conservation plan. Landscape Ecology, 31:491–503.

9. Song DZ., Wang BP., Jiang JY., Wan SP., Cui SM., Feng LM *. (2014) Using camera trap to monitor a North Chinese leopard ( Panthera pardus japonesis ) population and their main ungulate prey. Biodiversity Science 22(6): 733-736.

10. Feng LM., WanG LF., Wang B., Zhang L*.(2013) Population status of the Indochinese tiger ( Panthera tigris cobetti  ) and density of the three primary ungulate prey species in Shangyong Nature Reserve,Xishuangbanna,China. Acta Theriologica Sinica 33(4): 308-318.

11. Feng LM., Wang TM. , Mu P. , Kou XJ. & Ge JP*. (2011) First image of an Amur leopard recorded in China. Cat News 55: 9.

12. Feng LM., Lin L., Zhang LT., Wang LF., Wang B, Yang SH., Smith J.L.D., Luo SJ*, Zhang L*.(2008) Evidence of Wild Tigers in Southwest China - A Preliminary Survey of the Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve. Cat News 48:4-6.

(# contributed equally to this work and share first authorship,  * Corresponding author)


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