• Undergraduate Programs


    The College of Life Sciences, BNU, confers Bachelor degree of Science in three majors: biological sciences, biotechnology and ecology. The undergraduate program follows the principle of "comprehensive, research-oriented, and pedagogy based world-class education with Chinese characteristics" to cultivate excellent teachers and researchers in life sciences. Relying on the top-class teaching team led by well established professors, both home and abroad, the College has built a comprehensive curriculum system including eight nationally highly regarded courses, seven national recognized resources-sharing courses, two nationally well-known bilingual teaching demonstration class courses and one national gold medal class.


    The college adopts a diversity of training methods such as tutorial system, senior-assisted schooling system, interactive academic exchange activities, independent scientific research and innovation, and discipline competitions to effectively improve students' innovation quality and effectively guarantee the quality of talent training. The college has set up an integrated practical teaching platform, forming a practical teaching system characterized by "small class teaching + design innovation", "innovative subject + graduation thesis" for research training, "basic knowledge learning + small topic" for field practice, "teaching research + internship practice" for educational practice and "special lecture + internship practice" for enterprise practice, so as to cultivate students' comprehensive research competence and innovation ability. The college has established a diversified international education cooperation platform with Queen's University of Canada, University of California in the United States, University of Manchester in the United Kingdom and other foreign excellent universities to improve students' international competitiveness. The College also invites globally well-known experts to be adjunct professors to support overseas undergraduate projects.