Ornithology, Ecology, Conservation Biology



BSc: 1984  Biology. Department of Biology, Beijing Normal University

MSc: 1987  Zoology. Department of Biology, Beijing Normal University

PhD: 1998  Ecology, Beijing Normal University, Mentor: Prof. Zheng Guangmei (part-time)


Current Positions

1999 – present, Professor, Beijing Normal University.

2017 – 2022, Director, Ministry of Environment Key Laboratory for Biodiversity Sciences and Ecological Engineering (Fudan University and Beijing Normal University)

1998 – present, Fellow, International Ornithological Union

2008 – present, Vice President of World Pheasant Association-China, 

2013 – present, Vice President of China Ornithological Society

2014 – present, Vice President of China Zoological Society

2018 – present, President of Beijing Zoological Society


Awards and Honors

1994, The winner of Prof. Cheng Tso-hsin’s Yongth Ornithologist Award

1998, The second class of Scientific Study Award, awarded by the National Ministry of Education of China

2001, The second class of National Natural Science Award of China, awarded by The State Council of China

2012, The Excellent Science and Technology Workers of China, awarded by The China Association for Science and Technology


Principle Research Interests

I have a wide interests in avian ecology and conservation. My research works currently focus on Behavior and Ecology of Birds (Penduline tits, Kentish Plover, Swallows, Pheasants), Diversity and Conservation of Birds in East-Australian Flyway (Bohai Bay, Avocet, Terns, Red Knot, Black-tailed Godwit), Phylogeny and Evolution of Birds (Brown Eared Pheasant, Reeves’s Pheasant, Hill Partridges, Penduline tits) and Conservation of Antarctic Seabirds (Penguins, Snow Petrel and Skuas).


Selected Recent Publications 

(from more than 100 total)

♦ Research Articles

1. Que P, Székely T,Wang P., Lu Q., Lei W., Liu Y., Zhang Z*. Offspring sex ratio is unrelated to parental quality and time of breeding in a multiple-breeding shorebird[J]. Journal of Ornithology, 2019, 160(2):443-452.. DOI:10.1007/s10336-018-1620-6.

2. Wang P, Yao H, Gilbert K. J, Lu Q., Hao Y., Zhang Z*., Wang N*. Glaciation-based isolation contributed to speciation in a Palearctic alpine biodiversity hotspot: Evidence from. endemic species[J]. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2018, 129: 315-324.

3. Lv L., Li J. Kingma S. A., Gao C., Wang Y., Komdeur J., Zhang Z*. Do hair-crested drongos reduce prospective territory competition by dismantling their nest after breeding? Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology (2018) 72:12 .https://doi.org/10.1007/ s00265-017-2422-1.

4. Lei, W. Masero, J, Piersma T., Zhu B., Yang H., Zhang Z*. Alternative habitat: the importance of the Nanpu Saltpans for migratory waterbirds in the Chinese Yellow Sea. Bird Conservation International, 2018, 28(4):549-566. 

5. Duan W. and Zhang Z. (2017). The Encyclopedia of Birds in China (Vol. I and II). China Forestry Publishing House, Beijing, China.

6. Wang,N., Kimball, R. T., Braun, E. L., Liang, B. and Zhang Z*. (2017). Ancestral range reconstruction of Galliformes: the effects of topology and taxon sampling. Journal of Biogeography 44, 122-135.

7. Fu, Y., Dai, B., Wen, L., Chen, B., Dowell, S. and Zhang, Z*. (2017). Unusual incubation behavior and embryonic tolerance of hypothermia in the Sichuan Partridge ( Arborophila rufipectus ). Journal of Ornithology, 158(3), 707-715.

8. Li, D., Liu, Y.,Sun, X., Lloyd, H., Zhu, S., Zhang, S.,Wan, D. and Zhang, Z*. (2017). Habitat-dependent changes in vigilance behaviour of Red-crowned Crane influenced by wildlife tourism. Scientif Report, 7(1), 16614-16614.

9. Lv, L., Komdeur J., Li, J., Is Scheiber, B.R., and Zhang Z.(2016). Breeding experience, but not mate retention, determines the breeding performance in a passerine bird. Behavioral Ecology, 27(4), 1255-1262.

10. Zhou, C., Xu, J. and Zhang, Z. (2015). Dramatic decline of the Vulnerable Reeves’s pheasant Syrmaticus reevesii, endemic to central China. Oryx, 49(3), 529–534.

Contact Information

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