Vegetation Ecology, Quantitative Ecology, Biodiversity


1978-1982, BSc, Entomology, Shanxi University, China

1982-1984, MSc, Plant Ecology, Shanxi University, China          

1988-1991, PhD, Plant Ecology, University of Wales (Bangor), United Kingdom

1984-2003, Ass. Professor and Professor, Shanxi University, China

2003-present, Professor, Beijing Normal University, China


Research Interests 

Based on field investigation, we study community structure, composition, dynamics and succession, ecological relationships of mountain vegetation in North China. Multivariate analysis methods, such as ordination, classification, geostatistical methodology, are main techniques in our study. We also study the distribution and conservation of plant species diversity and functional diversity in community, conservation of endangered plant species, restoration process of degraded ecosystems and lands in the Loess Plateau, and so on. We are also interested in the developing multivariate quantitative methods related to our study.


Selected Publications

♦ Research Articles

1. Wang YQ, Cadotte MW, Chen JH, Mi XC, Ren HB, Liu XJ, Yu MJ, Zhang J-T*, Ma KP. (2020). Neighborhood interactions on seedling survival were greatly altered following an extreme winter storm. Forest Ecology and Management, 461, e117940.

2. Sadia S, Aftab B, Tariq A, Zhang J-T*, Razaq A. (2020). Gentiopicrin and swertiamarin contents in Centiana macrophylla Pall. Roots along elevation gradient in Donglingshan meadow, Beijing, China. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 52(1): 43-48.

3. Cao K, Mi XC, Zhang LW, Ren HB, Yu MJ, Chen JH, Zhang J-T*, and Ma KP. (2019). Examining residual spatial correlation in variation partitioning of beta diversity in a subtropical forest. Journal of Plant Ecology, 12(4): 636–644.

4. Rao MD, Steinbauer MJ, Xiang XG, Zhang MG, Mi XC, Zhang J-T*, Ma KP, Svenning J-C. (2018). Environmental and evolutionary drivers of diversity patterns in the tea family (Theaceae s.s.) across China. Ecology and Evolution. 8: 11663–11676.

5. Bai XH, Zhang J-T*. (2018). Environmental interpretation of forest communities in Xiaowutai Mountain by fuzzy mathematics analysis. Ecological Informatics, 48: 178–186.

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♦ Reviews

1. Sadia S, Zhang J-T, Sheayi AA, Tariq A, Cao K. (2016). Tools and Techniques in Plant Ecology-A review. Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences, 7:35-41.

2. Zhang J-T, Fan LH and Li M. (2012). Functional diversity in plant communities: Theory and analysis methods. African Journal of Biotechnology, 11: 1014-1022


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