Associate Professor

Evolution and Ecology of Birds


2001-2005, BSc, Beijing Normal University, China

2005-2010, PhD, Beijing Normal University, China

2009-2010, Visiting PhD Student, University of Bern, Switzerland

2010-2012, Postdoc, College of Resources Science & Technology, Beijing Normal University, China

2012-2014, Assistant Professor, College of Life Sciences, Beijing Normal University, China

2014-present Associate Professor, College of Life Sciences, Beijing Normal University, China

2018-2019 Visiting Scholar, Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, US


Research Interests

I am broadly interested in the evolutionary genomics and speciation of birds, mainly on the role of sexual selection and natural selection in the scenario of divergence with gene flow between sibling species. I am also interested in the evolution of host specificity of avian haemosporidian parasites, and the parasite-mediated selection on the diversity of MHC genes in the bird hosts.


Selected Publications

♦ Research Articles

1. Wei C, Dong L#, Li S-H, Alström P, Liu Y, Xia C, Yao C-T, Zhang Y#. From the Himalayas to a continental Island: Integrative species delimitation in the Brownish-flanked Bush Warbler Horornis fortipes complex. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution. 2019;131:219-27.

2. Liu B, Deng Z, Huang W, Dong L#, Zhang Y. High prevalence and narrow host range of haemosporidian parasites in Godlewski's bunting ( Emberiza godlewskii ) in northern China. Parasitology international. 2019;69:121-5.

3. Chen G, Xia C, Dong L, Lyu N, Zhang Y. Delayed plumage maturation in green‐backed flycatchers ( Ficedula elisae ): An evidence of female mimicry. Ethology. 2019;125(1):64-72.

4. Liu Y, Liu S, Yeh C-F, Zhang N, Chen G, Que P, Dong L#, Li S-H#. The first set of universal nuclear protein-coding loci markers for avian phylogenetic and population genetic studies. Scientific reports. 2018;8(1):15723.

5. Jia T, Huang X, Valkiūnas G, Yang M, Zheng C, Pu T, Zhang Y, Dong L, Suo X, Zhang C. Malaria parasites and related haemosporidians cause mortality in cranes: a study on the parasites diversity, prevalence and distribution in Beijing Zoo. Malaria journal. 2018;17(1):234.

6. Chen YC, Nazarizadeh M, Lei FM, Yang XJ, Yao CT, Dong F, Dong L, Zou FS, Drovetski SV, Liu Y. The niches of nuthatches affect their lineage evolution differently across latitude. Molecular ecology. 2018.

7. Zhang Y-N, Liu B-Y, Dong L, Jiang H-X, Wang X, Wang X-M, Song C-Z, Li X-M, Li S-H. High genetic diversity and absence of phylogeographic structure in breeding populations of vulnerable Saundersilarus saundersi (Charadriiformes: Laridae) in Bohai Bay, China. Conservation Genetics. 2017;18(2):495-500.

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10. Song G, Zhang R, DuBay SG, Qu Y, Dong L, Wang W, Zhang Y, Lambert DM, Lei F. East Asian allopatry and north Eurasian sympatry in Long‐tailed Tit lineages despite similar population dynamics during the late Pleistocene. Zoologica Scripta. 2016;45(2):115-26.

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13. Tian H*, Zhou S*, Dong L*, Van Boeckel TP*, Pei Y, Wu Q, Yuan W, Guo Y, Huang S, Chen W. Climate change suggests a shift of H5N1 risk in migratory birds. Ecological modelling. 2015;306:6-15.

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18. Alström P, Xia C, Rasmussen PC, Olsson U, Dai B, Zhao J, Leader PJ, Carey GJ, Dong L, Cai T. Integrative taxonomy of the Russet Bush Warbler Locustella mandelli complex reveals a new species from central China. Avian Research. 2015;6(1):9.

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23. Sun Y, Dong L, Zhang Y, Zheng G, Browne SJ. Is a forest road a barrier for the Vulnerable Cabot’s tragopan Tragopan caboti in Wuyishan, Jiangxi, China? 2009.


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