Ecology and Evolution


1997-2001, BSc, Liao Normal University, China

2001-2006, Ph.D., Beijing Normal University, China

2006-2011, Assistant Prof, Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences

2012-2013, Associate Prof, Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences

2014-2018, Associate Prof, Beijing Normal University, China

2018-present, Professor, Beijing Normal University, China


Research Interests

My research addresses the origins and evolution of tree diversity, using the tools of molecular systematics and genomics. Current research in our Lab focuses on walnuts ( Juglans , Juglandaceae), and the use of phylogenetic and trait diversity to inform questions in speciation and adaptation. I am also interested in plant mating system evolution, and will do some field and lab experiments to consider joint effects of mating system and life history. 


Selected Publications

♦ Research Articles

1. Zhang BW, Xu LL, Li N, Yan PC, Jiang XH, Woeste KE, Lin K*, Renner SS*, Zhang DY*, Bai, WN*. Phylogenomics reveals an ancient hybrid origin of the Persian walnut. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2019, 36: 2451-2461.

2. Bai WN*, Yan PC, Zhang BW, Woeste KE, Lin K, Zhang DY*. 2018. Demogrphically idiosyncratic responses to climate change and rapid Pleistocene diversification of the walnut genus Juglans (Juglandaceae) revealed by whole-genome sequences. New Phytologist 217: 1726-1736.

3. Bai WN*, Wang WT, Zhang DY*. 2016. Phylogeographic breaks within Asian butternuts indicate the existence of a phytogeographic divide in East Asia. New Phytologist 209:1757-1772.

4. Yin G, Barrett SCH, Luo YB, Bai WN*2016. Seasonal variation in the mating system of a selfing annual with large floral displays. Annals of Botany 117: 391-400.

5. Shang H, Luo YB, Bai WN*. 2012. Influence of asymmetrical mating patterns and male reproductive success on the maintenance of sexual polymorphism in Acer pictum subsp. mono (Aceraceae). Molecular Ecology 21: 3869-3878.

6. Bai WN*,Liao WJ, Zhang DY.2010. Nuclear and chloroplast DNA phylogeography reveal two refuge areas with asymmetrical gene flow in a temperate walnut tree from East Asia. New Phytologist 188: 892-901.


Contact Information

College of Life Sciences,

Beijing Normal University,

Beijing 100875,

P. R. China

Tel. : +86-10-58802747

E-mail: baiwn@bnu.edu.cn