T cell function and anti-tumor immunotherapy


1999-2004, M.D and Ph.D., Jilin University, China

2004-2006Postdoc., Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Science, China

2006-2012Associate Professor, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Science, China

2012-2015Professor, Fudan University, China

2015-present, Professor, Beijing Normal University, China


Research Interests

We are currently interested in understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms for positive and negative regulation of T cell immune function, exploring the possibility for clinical application of anti-tumor immunotherapy and anti-infection, as well as establishing protocols to induce transplant immune tolerance.


Selected Publications

♦ Research Articles

1. Dong Lin, Bi Yujing, Jia Anna, Yu Qing, Wang Yuexin, Wang Yufei, Yang Qiuli, Cao Yejin, He Ying, Liu Ruichen, Li Yan, Liu Guangwei*. Crucial role of histone deacetylase SIRT1 in myeloid-derived suppressor cell-mediated reprogramming of CD4+ T cell differentiation. Cellular & Molecular Immunology, 2020, 17(7):785-787.

2. Li Chunxiao, Bi Yujing, Li Yan, Yang Hui, Yu Qing, Wang Jian, Wang Yu, Su Huilin, Jia Anna, Hu Ying, Han Linian, Zhang Jiangyuan, Li Simin, Tao Wufan, Liu Guangwei*. Dendritic cell MST1 inhibits Th17 differentiation, Nature Communications, 2017, 8: 14275.

3. Wang Yu, Bi Yujing, Chen Xi, Li Chunxiao, Li Yan, Zhang Zhengguo, Wang Jian, Lu Yun, Yu Qing, Su Huilin, Yang Hui, Liu Guangwei*. Histone deacetylase SIRT1 negatively regulates the differentiation of interleukin-9-producing CD4+ T Cells. Immunity, 2016, 44: 1337-1349.

4. Liu Guangwei*, Bi Yujing, Xue Lixiang, Zhang Yan, Yang Hui, Chen Xi, Lu Yun, Liu Huanrong, Wang Xiao, Wang Ruoning, Chu Yiwei, Yang Ruifu. Dendritic cell SIRT1-HIF1α axis programs the reciprocal differentiation of Th1 and Treg cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2015, 112: E957-965.

5. Liu Guangwei*, Bi Yujing, Shen Bo, Wang Ruoning, Yang Hui, Zhang Yan, Wang Xiao, Liu Huanrong, Lu Yun, Liao Jiongbo, Chen Xi, Chu Yiwei. SIRT1 limits function and fate of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in tumors by orchestrating HIF1a-dependent glycolytic pathway. Cancer Research, 2014, 74: 727-737.

(*Corresponding author)


♦ Reviews

1. Yang Qiuli, Wang Yuexin, Jia Anna, Wang Yufei, Bi Yujing, Liu Guangwei*. Cross talk between microbiota and host immunity in intestinal inflammation. Journal of Cellular Physiology, 2020, X, 1-16.

2. Wang Shirao, Liu Ruichen, Yu Qing, Bi Yujing, Liu Guangwei*. Metabolic reprogramming of macrophages in infection and cancer. Cancer Letters, 2019, 452: 14-22.

3. Liu Guangwei*. Innate immune defense of pathogenic microorganism infection. Chinese Scientific Bulletin, 2016, 61: 1-10.

(*Corresponding author)


♦ Books/Chapters

1. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (ISSN:0065-2598)": “Tumor Microenvironment-The role of interleukins-Part A” (2020-3). Chief Editor, Alexander Birbrair,Co-editor, Guangwei Liu,Published by Springer.

2.  Interpretation of 125 frontiers of Science (ISBN 978-7-03-058528-8,2019). Chief Editor, Fu Gao,Co-editor, Guangwei Liu, Published by China Science Press.


Contact Information

College of Life Sciences,

Beijing Normal University,

Beijing 100875,

P. R. China

Tel. : +86-10-58800026

E-mail: liugw@bnu.edu.cn