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Three complete educates point-to-point, moral composition and fosters heart-to-heart—the “DH Working Group” of the Academy of Life Sciences successfully completed the task of “Four Ones”

Release date:2020-09-22


At the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that we must adhere to the central link of morality and cultivating people, integrate ideological and political work through the whole process of education and teaching, realize the whole process of educating people and all-round education, and strive to create my country's higher education. Develop a new situation.  Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, focusing on achieving all-round education for all employees and the whole process, the Ministry of Education has launched a comprehensive reform pilot of the "Three Alls Education".  In order to further implement the spirit of the ideological and political work conferences and the National Education Conference, and to further promote the "Three All-round Education", the School of Life Sciences has decided to establish a 2020 undergraduate Double Helix Working Group (DH Working Group for short). The basic situation of the working group is as follows:


1. Team composition

The DH working group is composed of party members and teachers (party committee members, party branch committee members, theoretical study center group members, etc.), fellow seniors and undergraduate freshmen.



2. New tasks for the new semester

The teachers and seniors of the "DH Working Group" take the initiative to connect with the freshmen, implement work tasks, and complete the "Four Ones" requirements:

1) Online contact meeting once-the first meeting is also a reunion


2) Receiving 1 freshman on the day of school-caring and warming people's hearts


3) Go to the dormitory to visit the freshman one time-the room of inspiring instruction


4) Freshmen will be a tour guide after registering-the unforgettable September National Normal University


3. School leaders visited the 2020 freshman dormitory of the Academy of Sciences

Secretary Cheng Jianping and other school leaders expressed their full affirmation of our school’s freshman enrollment education work, and visited our school’s freshman dormitory on the 9th floor of the school on September 8, accompanied by our school’s party and government leaders.

Secretary Cheng Jianping and his party visit the 2020 freshman dormitory of the Academy of Sciences


4. Teachers and students dispatched on Orientation Day

College leaders, freshmen head teachers and freshmen key training camp students


The party members of the School of Life Sciences welcome the new volunteer service team to guide and carry luggage for freshmen


From September 8th to September 13th, 2020, the DH working group successfully completed the "Four Ones" task, which fully demonstrated the effectiveness of our hospital's in-depth promotion of the whole staff, the whole process, and the all-round "Three Alls" work. It lays a foundation for activating the internal motivation of all-staff education, striving to improve the quality of talent training, and helping students grow into talents.