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Graduate School Entrance Education of College of Life Sciences has been carried out smoothly

Release date:2020-09-15


In order to do a good job of enrollment education for the 2020 graduate students and help graduate students to study and lead their life smoothly, the College of Life Sciences held a wonderful and detailed enrollment education for new students in the Jingwen Lecture Hall on September 9, 2020. College Vice Dean Dou Fei, Dean Assistant and Director of the Life Science Experimental Center Xi Chao, Secretary of the Graduate Training Management Office Huang Chenxi and Guo Liran, College Youth League Secretary Yin Shi, College "Double Shoulder" Counselor Yin Peipei 6 teachers lead fresh graduate students to understand the characteristics of each discipline, Laboratory safety regulations, postgraduate training plans, student ideological and political education and management, and freshmen's messages.


First of all, Professor Dou Fei, the deputy dean of the college, gave a systematic introduction to the college's majors and professional teaching buildings.  Teacher Dou Fei gave an introduction and guidance on subject characteristics, college activities, tutors and laboratory selection, and encouraged students to carefully and carefully choose tutors and laboratories, and then work hard and persist in research to successfully complete their studies.


Next, Mr. Xi Chao, assistant to the dean and director of the Life Science Experiment Center, combined with specific cases of university laboratory safety accidents and their cause analysis, from the basic safety of scientific research laboratories, chemical safety and radiation safety, biological safety, equipment safety, environmental safety. Several aspects of safety introduce the experimental specifications and safety of graduate students, so that everyone has a more comprehensive understanding of how to ensure safety in the process of scientific research.  At the same time, students are warned to strictly abide by laboratory regulations, improve safety awareness, and properly adopt laboratory protective measures.


Next, Ms. Guo Liran, secretary of the Graduate Training Management Office, introduced the graduate training plan. Mr. Guo Liran gave a detailed introduction and explanation of the training plans, degree credits and graduation requirements of masters and doctoral students in various majors from the three aspects of master's degree courses and degree credit requirements, doctoral degree courses and degree credit requirements and other matters.


Then, teacher Yin Peipei, the "double shoulders" counselor of the college, introduced the content of student ideological and political education and management, including the college student work team and its scope of work, party group construction and student groups, scholarships and grants evaluation, employment work, and mental health services, Student affairs management, epidemic prevention and control requirements, etc. Teacher Yin Peipei's meticulous and enthusiastic explanation made everyone feel more familiar and cordial to the Academy of Biological Sciences.


Finally, Teacher Yin Shi, the secretary of the Youth League Committee, made a key emphasis on the prevention and control of the epidemic in Beijing, and made expectations and requirements for everyone’s future graduate careers, and encouraged all students to take a responsible attitude towards themselves and establish a new style with a new outlook live, walk your own life path positively and firmly.


At the end of the meeting, the first, second of the Master's degree and doctoral students ran for class committee members and party branch committee members respectively. The students took the initiative to participate in the election and actively served everyone, demonstrating the good outlook of the Academy of Life Sciences, and a good foundation has been laid for various tasks for the future.


The enrollment education for new graduate students in the School of Life Sciences of "Pilot" gives the freshmen a more systematic and comprehensive understanding of our school's discipline construction and characteristics, laboratory safety regulations and professional training plans. This is an important lesson for freshmen's enrollment education and an important measure to strengthen freshmen's thought guidance. It is hoped that this enrollment education can increase the students' attention to personal safety, subject learning and college rules and regulations, and put more effort into their future study and life.